Triple Protection Bracelet, Genuine Tigers Eye Black Obsidian and Hematite 8mm Beads Bracelet for Men Women, Crystal Jewelry Stone Bracelets Bring Luck and Prosperity and Happiness

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✦ Premium Healing Crystal✦ Real Tigers eye crystals are a great ally to mind and body, it helps to releases fear and anxiety; provides courage and self confidence; protects against negative energy; Black Obsidian, also know as the “Black Volcanic Stone”, have strong curative properties , provides power to face fears; absorbs and transforms negative energy and stress Hematite is also a famous protective and grounding power stone, dispels negativity and “Purifies” the emotional stress in the body
✦ Unique Handmade with Premium Beads✦ The Triple Protection Bracelet associate in one piece with the most protective stones. Each piece is finished by 20years experience Maker with the shape of wave combined together means "GOOD LUCK" accompany. And the bracelets are handmade with high quality natural beads, like flash Tiger Eye, Real Obsidian and not defect pore hematite
✦ Size Adjustable✦ This healing crystal bracelet good for common wrist size around 6.7” - 8.3” (17cm-21cm), and also this protection bracelet is good for men and women, can wear it in any occasions, but should take it off when bathing or swimming, cool match your watch or leather bracelets, PLEASE MEASURE YOUR WRIST BEFORE THE ORDER. ANY CUSTOMISE ONE, PLEASE CONTACT US!
✦ Meaningful Handmade Gift✦ A perfect bracelet for men and women either and suitable for teenager to elder, a meaningful gift for your families and friends with these spiritual crystal bracelet to bring Luck and Prosperity and Happiness
✦ Upscale Jewelry Gift✦ Packaged in black upscale jewelry box for this protection crystals, offering can be gift messaged service and it is a great gift for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother Day, Valentine Day, Halloween and fast delivery from USA