From very ancient time people use various kind of jewelry for many reasons such as to symbolize group membership, status, marriage, to fix clothing or hair in place etc. In modern days people wear jewelry mostly for personal adornment which contains different decorative things.

Here I am discussing the benefits of wearing some precious and semiprecious stones:




  • The wearer of Ruby stone gets natural leadership qualities same as the sun holds.
  • This stone gives relief from health issues like backbone problem, blood pressure, heart problem etc.
  • If anyone wants to get rid of depression Ruby gemstone helps that person to live a relaxed life. The stone helps to clear all confusions of life and make a person focused to their goal.
  • For any kind of competitive exam or related field Ruby stone gives success in that ways.
  • Moreover, this gemstone provide physical strength, makes the bone stronger of the wearer.
  • It raises the holder confidence level high; they can trust on their decisions which they have taken and all activities they can do.
  • To improve relationship with partners anyone can trust and wear Ruby stone by clearing the misunderstanding. The stone blessed the wearer with peaceful and happy married life.
  • Ruby stone is the mark of Royalty, Authority and Luxury. It helps the wearer to achieve good status in the personal and professional life.



Amethyst is the gemstone which is ruled by planet, Uranus and is primarily violet in color. It’s cosmic color is also violet.


  • This gemstone helps pacify problems related to planet. It enhances wearer’s memory, improves immune system, cures migraine and headache, removes stress and brings enthusiasm in life.
  • Amethyst widely used for curing addictions and neurological disorders.
  • This stone is god for financial stability.
  • Helps create power of focus and concentration.
  • It promotes feeling of gratitude and contentment.



Emerald: Emerald is the beautiful and stunning gemstone and it among the top three colored stones in the universe. It gives bluish-green hue o the world and one can not only wear for astrological benefits but also for fashion style purpose. It’s also known as Panna.




  • Emerald can be magical for them who are weak and studies or having the problem to concentrate on studies or his all efforts becomes fail and he/she does not get the desired result. Panna enhances the intelligence and concentration power of the student.
  • It is said that panna stone helps the wearer to get new ideas and inventions.
  • This stone is also called the stone of communication. It helps the wearer to express his views and thoughts in a better way.
  • With its’ good power and vibes, it boosts the power of the leader and speaker.
  • Emerald has also heling power. If a person suffering from allergies, respiratory diseases, skin problems and nervous disorders, he should wear this stone.
  • This is the wonderful stone for the person who is suffering from speech difficulties problems.
  • Some believes that Panna protects a person from his enemies and negative persons. It ensures that your opposite persons can never harm you.
  • Panna is considered as the wonderful stone for businessmen. It reduces the chances f losses in business or cheats.
  • Panna is the stone which can remove the emotional pain of the heart and it gives strong intuition power.





Diamond: Diamonds are usually found in Brazil, South Africa and African countries like Botswana and Angola.




  • It improves facial luster and gives more self-confidence.
  • Wearers of diamond is blessed with marital happiness, it enhances the power of love, attraction and beauty, promotes harmony, understanding.
  • Helps to cure sexual disorders.
  • Diamond gives the wearer strength to the body and builds immune system
  • This stone helps in healing diseases relate to stomach and pancreas.



Jade: Jade is considered “The Dream Stone”.




  • It can help with getting restful sleep and encourages pleasant dreams.
  • Jade is also the birthstone for March.
  • This is the stone of duality, representing both wisdom and anger, love and cruelty.
  • The Chinese have especially revered jade, using it in burial ceremonies and carvings.
  • Jade can help with retaining individuality and avoidance of going along with the status quo.
  • It can also inspire creativity.
  • Jade is the “calm in the midst of the storm.”
  • It is useful to have when going through difficult times and hardships.
  • Jade has been used to help interpret dreams and understand spiritual knowledge.
  • It embodies nature’s energy and can bring that energy to any environment.
  • The Chinese believed that Jade could give strength to the body during life and protect the soul after death.
  • Jade is associated with the heart chakra.
  • This stone is actually the name of two different minerals-Nephrite and Jadeite.
  • Imperial Jade is the most valuable form of jade.
  • However, Jade can be found in many different colors.








Jasper: is the talismanic or mystic gemstone for Aquarius. Also nicknamed the “Nurturer Stone”. It is found all over the world & comes in a variety of colors and kinds.



  • According to legend, jasper can protect against evil entities and guard spider and snake bites.
  • Used by its’ power Jasper was used to attract rain.
  • Jasper helps to healing ailments of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach including tissue growth.
  • Water infused with Jasper is rumored to sooth digestive problems.
  • Jasper is believed in increase fertility and is conductive to happy pregnancies.
  • This stone can be used as a talisman for quitting bad habits.
  • Poppy Jasper is known to bring joy while Opalite Jasper is known as a sleep aid.
  • Multicolored gemstone can help one feel more grounded and stable.
  • It’s also good for riding one of nightmares and negative thoughts.
  • To promote balance and energy a person can place Jasper on the Root Chakra.



Quartz: is one of the most known and assorted minerals on earth, and its abundant colors produce many gemstone types.




  • This crystal repairs and strengthens the bio magnetic field. This will help you to not leak energy from your auric field.
  • You can grid your home, property or workspace with quartz points. When the point faces inwards, we are bringing in energy, when they point out, we are clearing energy.
  • When placed in your vehicle, it helps reduce gas consumption.
  • It amplifies the energy in its environment. When acupuncture needles are coated with clear quartz, the treatment is enhanced by 10%.
  • Replace midday coffee with a clear quartz elixir by placing a crystal in your drinking water. (We must be sure crystal is washed before placing it in our water).
  • They are excellent for dream recall. There are many messages for us in the dream state, therefore remembering our dreams is important for our soul growth.
  • This type of quartz activates and opens the crown chakra and soul star chakra. When these two chakras are open and activated, it is easier for us to connect with our intuition and divine soul energy.



Amber: is a fossilized resin of a pine tree.




  • It relieves ache when the aching places are settled.
  • It alleviates migraines.
  • This stone is guard against ‘Nazara’.
  • It is used in the neck region for the treatment of colds, asthma, goiter, bronchitis and allergies.
  • It treats throat and thyroid infections from other stones in treatment.
  • Amber is also useful against depression because it reduces the electric charge.



Sapphire: is connected to wisdom and intuition. It is the perfect stone for seekers of spiritual truth, and can help with meditation and uncovering intuitive and psychic abilities.




  • Sapphire is used metaphysically for protection. It can ward against dark magic, ill-intent and negative energies, and can be used for protection during ritual or psychic workings.
  • Sapphire can help with learning and matters of the mind. Wear it to boost memory retention and mental acuity. It can also help raise concentration and focus, and sharpen mental clarity.
  • This stone is used for healing the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. It is used in crystal healing to treat fever, burn and inflammation. It is also used to treat eye and skin conditions and ease symptoms of depression.
  • Sapphire is the birthstone of September. Sapphire is actually a mineral called corundum. Corundum can be found in almost any color of the rainbow, such as pink, black, blue, green and clear.
  • However, a red corundum is not called sapphire -- but is in fact more commonly known as Ruby.



Turquoise: of Turquoise Stone, Meaning, Benefits of Using, its prices and colors.


The Turquoise Stone, also known as the Turkish Stone, is known to have been used by the Turks in warfare materials. The history of the turquoise stone dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptian period.


  • Turquoise appease anxiety.
  • The grieving of the grieving people, or the shock of an event that is useful to save people living in this state.
  • This stone gives them the sense of peace they need.
  • It increases the healing power of people who carry it and helps them to increase their wisdom.
  • Turquoise is effective against evil.
  • It is believed to be luck of stone, it brings success.
  • It regulates blood pressure and is good for heart disease.

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